Stage 1 = Clear coating with minimal or no restoration is $450 plus shipping. We can always take these jobs, timeframe is usually 2-3 months but can run a little longer depending on workload.

Stage 2 = Art restoration in all areas, more effort is given to areas that are exposed when the game is assembled. Can include custom shooter lanes, woodgrain restoration, etc. Includes clear coating. This is the level most customers prefer. These all have to be estimated but typically run $700 to $1,400. Time frame is dependent on workload but is usually 4-12 months.

Stage 3 = Our highest level of restoration, when you want it as perfect as we can get it. We do very few of these, cost is double the Stage 2 estimate with a 50% deposit, timeframe is typically 9-12 months.

Playfields requiring art or wood restoration have to be estimated. If you want an estimate, take photos with decent lighting of the ENTIRE playfield. A phone camera is fine and lighting just needs to be adequate. The playfield does not need to be stripped or removed for your photos. Close up shots of worn or damaged areas and past restoration work would be helpful. Most restoration jobs with clear coat will run $700 to $1,400. We try to keep the costs down but restoration can take a lot of hours. WE DO NOT USE STICKERS, DECALS, WATER TRANSFERS OR OVERLAYS IN OUR RESTORATIONS. Playfields having significant fading or damage that require more than 25% of the playfield to be repainted could cost more. ESTIMATES ARE FREE! We are happy to honestly assess any project you have. Shipping costs are not included in our estimates.

Please send your estimate requests to:

Custom Art and Shooter Lanes: Occasionally a customer will have a special request, usually a change to their playfield art in conjunction with restoration and clear coating. We can often do this for a reasonable cost. Let us know what you have in mind.

Preparing And Shipping Your Playfield

Contact us to obtain an estimate if you’re looking for a restoration. If you want clear coat only, contact us to verify we can get it in. Most clear coat jobs can be sent in immediately. Restoration projects may be scheduled based on our workload. We do not warehouse playfields.

DO NOT REMOVE THE MYLAR OR SAND ANYTHING. We can remove your mylar without damaging the underlying art 100% of the time. If we do screw it up, we will fix it. If you screw it up, we will charge you to fix it.

STRIP ALL THE PARTS FROM BOTH SIDES OF YOUR PLAYFIELD. This includes blind nuts, guide rails, posts, etc. We only want the plywood, paint and mylar. We probably won’t return any other parts we have to take off for you.

Add a note describing anything you notice like loose inserts or things we might not see. Loose inserts can be difficult to spot and can cause clear coat separation issues. Use cardboard and foam or plastic to create a shipping container and send it to us.

DO NOT BUILD A WOOD BOX FOR SHIPPING. Wood boxes are too heavy and we can’t always store them for return use. Cardboard works fine. Use something about 1 inch thick to protect the art side. We will try to reuse your shipping container when possible but we do have playfield boxes available for return shipping. FedEx, UPS and USPS all will ship playfields.


Shipping Address:

Las Vegas Playfields

7900 Canley Ave.

Las Vegas, NV   89149


This depends on how much work your playfield will take. CONTACT US BEFORE SHIPPING ANYTHING. We do not have room to store playfields we are not working on. Clear coat only projects will be finished in around 3 months. Restoration and custom projects can take 3-6 months, total resprays up to 12 months. We will give you an approximate time with your estimate. Our work load will vary and we may work with you to specify a particular time frame for you to send in your playfield. DO NOT SEND ANY WORK THAT WE ARE NOT EXPECTING. Shipments we are not anticipating will be rejected. We will not refuse to do your work but we are not going to warehouse playfields as others have done in the past.

Payment, Return And Care

We do not need or accept advance deposits. Plan on sending us a check when the project is finished. We will notify you with the cost and shipping amount when your project is done. We are old school and like checks, will accept PayPal but may add some to cover the fees. Cash is fine if you want to pick up your playfield in person. We will be attending some shows and you can always visit us in Las Vegas.

Your playfield will be returned in your shipping container or one of our boxes. FedEx seems to be reasonable and takes the best care of our shipments. We will use them unless you specify otherwise. Foreign shipments will be handled with the best available option. We do welcome work from international customers.

Urethane clear coat takes about 6 months to fully harden. During this time it is outgassing. If you wax it, this process will be affected and your clear coat will not cure properly. Do not wax or surface coat your playfield for at least 4 months after you receive it. You can reassemble and play it, just avoid wax for awhile.