Gallery - Playfield tips

Cleaning clearcoat away from countersunk holes

3/8 and 5/8 Forstner bits

Drill VERY SLOWLY and try not to take any wood if you can help it.

Removing metal items from playfields

Tools needed

Drive the pop bumper bolts this far up with a hammer from the back of the playfield.

Lift them the rest of the way with the claw. Try to keep them as straight as possible coming up.

System 11 playfield flaws

A more expansive view. This playfield also displays considerable planking.

Closeup of a large System 11 insert that lost adhesion between the insert and the overlaying art. This is caused by drum sanding issues on the plastic. Every insert on this playfield must have the factory clear and art totally removed and repainted.

Another insert on the same playfield. This playfield is particularly bad. This problem can manifest AFTER clearcoating if not restored properly before the clearcoat is applied.